WW1 U.S. Army IQ test — alpha test

This is the alpha test from WW1 for army recruits. 1,7m people took it. It took 40 to 50 minutes to take. The men sat in groups of 100 to 200. It was only used during WW1.

Images I use

The version I found is Form 7 out of 9 different forms of the test. I’ll post the test itself and the guide for each page. The alpha test is with English language. If recruits failed it, by getting a score under 15, they would take the beta version with figures and shapes. If recruits also failed the beta test they would be given tests to conclusively make sure they really were weak-minded.

Extra info

You can read even more info about the test and how to conduct it here. This free book also has images of the test. The author looks into the test results and mainly focuses on ethnic groups and how they will influence the national IQ long-term:

The test

Examination alpha consists of eight tests, describable by title as follows:

Guide for test examiner

Test 1 — directions or commands test

The info the recruits filled out has been used to compare the IQ of various ethnic groups and other groups. This is page 1(ergo Test 1) of 8 pages.

Test 2 — arithmetical problems

Here the instructions and examples are the same for all forms of the test.

Test 3 — practical judgment

Test 4 — synonym-antonym

Test 5 — disarranged sentences


Test 6 — number series completion

Test 7 — analogies

Test 8 — general information

Direction for scoring

Keys to tests

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